“Whitby Jet” sunburst necklace

Stunning 925 sterling silver sunburst pendant with a large low-dome hand-shaped centre of best quality Whitby jet. The sunburst is approximately 38mm (1½ inches) in diameter with a beautiful glossy jet black cab of 23mm (almost 1 inch) set in the middle. The substantial bail is 12mm (1/2 inch) in length with a large centre. This means you could hang the pendant on a much thicker chain or cord if you wish. It comes supplied with a medium diamond cut curb chain which is 18” (46 cm) long.

The Whitby jet cabochon has been crafted by guest designer “Glittermoth Factory” who lives and works in Whitby. She can often be found looking for pieces of sea-washed jet on the beaches in and around the town. Whitby Jet is an anaerobic fossil of the tree Araucaria (very similar to the “monkey puzzle” trees we see today). It is a product of high pressure decomposition of the wood which became embedded in sedimentary rock some 180 – 200 million years ago during the early Jurassic period. Jet is available worldwide but Whitby Jet is considered the finest quality. The “gemstone” was made popular by Queen Victoria, worn when she was in mourning.

Jet is a mineral of protection and is said to ward off evil spirits, negativity and depression. Just like the original tree, jet has qualities of balance and support. It is also thought to be good for finance, business and all kinds of personal abundance. My blog “What’s With Whitby Jet?” explains more about this unique fossil.

This necklace comes supplied in a gift box. The gemstone description which tells the new owner of this one-off jewellery all about its qualities is included. You’ll also receive a complementary polishing cloth.


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