Jewellery Care

If you care for your jewellery properly, it should last indefinitely. I recommend you store your pieces in the boxes in which you received them. Each piece should be boxed separately with bracelets and necklaces being gently coiled before being laid flat. The strong, stranded, nylon coated wire can kink or even break if it gets badly bent so try and ensure this does not happen. You can wrap elaborate pieces in tissue or a soft cloth inside the box if you wish.

Gemstones and resin are brittle and can be easily damaged if dropped onto a hard surface. You are advised to remove semi-precious stone jewellery before swimming, taking a bath or shower or doing any manual labour including heavy housework.

Try to avoid your jewellery coming into contact with chemicals such as hairspray, perfumes, body sprays, cleaning products, chlorine etc. Some gemstones, whilst they look and feel hard, are actually very porous and can be damaged by ingress of manufactured liquids.

The best way to clean your jewellery is with a soft dry cloth, polishing gently and not putting excess pressure on any single component. If it gets very grubby you can clean it in a bowl of water with a drop or two of washing up liquid. You can use an old, clean toothbrush to gently rub away collected dirt, then just rinse in clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth or clean towel.

It is natural for sterling silver to tarnish (oxidize) with exposure to air, sweat, cosmetics and perfumes etc. Your silver and gemstone jewellery will come with a free silver polishing cloth to keep it bright and shiny. You should avoid “silver dip” and abrasive cleaners. Whilst these are actually okay for the silver itself, they can potentially damage the gemstones.

I hope you get many years of pleasure from your unique jewellery. If, however, you accidentally damage it, I can repair it. This will be free of charge for 12 months after purchase. After this period, a charge will be made. Free repair excludes any extra materials required and postage costs. Please email to discuss a repair before you send any item. You will be required to pay postage costs to send the item to me as well as the cost of the repaired piece being returned.