“Til Death Us Do Part” greetings card

This unique greetings card features nine photos taken in various locations in which I was living or visiting. It is 144 mm square (just under 5¾ inches), comes with a plain white envelope and is left completely blank so can be used for any occasion.

The title “’Til Death Us Do Part” was inspired by the images on the card, the combination of which suggested to me, passion, commitment and longevity. A couple of the images are from the beautiful cathedral city of York where I first went with a dear friend. An exhibition I attended at Chatsworth while visiting my sister and her family is here too, as well as photos taken in Argyll (where I lived for 15 years) and London (where I lived on a canal boat for two years). There’s intensity in these photos, from birth, through love and ultimately, death.

Plain white card with a single printed image comprising the nine photos on the front. The card comes in a biodegradable (compostable) cello wrapper for protection.



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