“The Skulls of My Enemies…” amulet

Or to give this creation its full name, “The Skulls of My Enemies… If My Enemies Were 4 Inches Tall.” Depending on your point of view, this is an amusing or horrific addition to the amulets section of the site. For me, the best thing about this product is it makes use of excess resin from other projects making it super environmentally friendly. Any time I overestimate the volume of resin required for another item, it gets poured into one of two tiny skull moulds… and this is the result.

Each amulet consists of a small glass jar which is 6½ cm (just under 2¼ inches) high. The jar sits in a little pool of resin “blood” which has dripped down from the neck. It is not sealed, however, so you are able to remove the contents if you wish.

The skull atop the jar is 15mm tall (just over ½ an inch). Inside the bottle you’ll find four more of these little skulls plus two really teeny weeny ones, just 10mm (a little under ½ an inch) in height. They are very little indeed as you can see from the photo which shows a 5 pence piece (GBP). The skulls in this mix are blue, pink, purple, red and grey.

One of the larger skulls has had a lobotomy… right through the sides of his head. This makes him multi-functional since he can be threaded onto a thin cord, or chain, to make a choker, necklace, bracelet or whatever you like. As shown in the photo, a one metre length of 1mm cord is included in your purchase. Resin can be drilled easily so you could make other items from the skulls if you’re feeling creative… just be sure to take sensible safety precautions to avoid inhalation of dust etc.

This amulet will arrive in a printed black linen-mix gift bag with one metre of cord.


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