“Soul Calling” earrings

Seaglass and Sapphires.

These gorgeous earrings are made from precious and semi-precious stones, a couple of pieces of drilled seaglass and sterling silver. The drop below the earwire is 2¼ inches (5.75cm). The delicate design combined with small nuggets of naturally sea washed glass means these earrings weigh just 5.67g between them (average 2.84g each).

Seaglass from the beach at Seaham.

Living in Saltburn-By-The-Sea, I’m in easy reach of one of the UK’s most popular locations for beachcombers looking for glass. Sunderland, just up the coast from Seaham, was a prosperous centre for glass production and little bits of the history of these old factories wash onto the shore every day. The semi-opaque glass has been teamed with dark sapphires to make it pop.

Awesome Apatite, Aquamarine and Moonstone.

The energies of these stones are feminine and gentle. Psychic abilities may be enhanced, as well as your intuition and spiritual awareness. They can soothe emotions, provide peace of mind and help you to express your truths and beliefs. You may feel calm enough to resolve old emotional issues that have blocked happiness and joy. Dreams and desires can now be fulfilled and you might decide to work or be of service in a more humanitarian way. You can read a bit more about the qualities of gemstones HERE.

These earrings come in a gift box that includes the descriptive enclosure (photographed) which tells the new owner of this one-off jewellery all about its qualities. A complementary polishing cloth is also included.


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