Shungite Elite (Noble) necklace

This substantial 925 sterling silver pendant has been fitted with a piece of best quality elite (noble) shungite. The pendant is stamped 925 on the reverse and is 25mm (about 1 inch) square with rounded corners. It is supplied on an 18” (46cm) 925 sterling silver curb chain. This boxed pendant and chain make a perfect complete gift but the pendant can be purchased without the chain if you wish. Please get in touch to ask for details.

Heralded as “The Miracle Stone” shungite is noted for its high carbon composition (up to 99% in the best quality shungite) and the fact it consists of nearly all the elements in the periodic table. Shungite contains naturally occurring rare carbon nanostructures called fullerenes (antioxidants) which give the stone its colour and reputation for eliminating bacteria. Fullerenes are the reason shungite is such a powerful healer.

Whether you feel weighed down by emotional baggage or are seeking protection from EMFs in your working environment, shungite is the stone for you. It is said to cure, rescue, purify, heal, protect and restore, detox, boost energy and immunity and balance the mind and emotions.

This elite shungite necklace comes boxed as shown with a complementary polishing cloth included.


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