“Salvage Square” white and black

The Salvage Squares Collection brings together a lifetime’s interest in the uneasy alliance between nature and (hu)manmade objects.

Both can be beautiful, and co-exist successfully but sadly much manmade “stuff” is harmful to the planet. Whilst it’s tempting to label everything “natural” as “good” and everything “manmade” as “bad”, that’s too simple. What about a gemstone, hewn from the ground, yet beautifully cut and polished by a master craftsman? Or a plastic hip replacement joint, surgically connected to a human being, providing a new lease of life? It’s a big subject and I don’t pretend to understand it all.

One thing is certain though.

There is too much “stuff” in our lives. It’s suffocating the planet and causing chaos… not only to the environment but to our peace of mind. Who isn’t sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer volume of “stuff” they have acquired over a lifetime?

These compact, colour-coordinated, collections of castaway curios consist of a mixture of natural items, mostly beachcombed, and manmade items from all walks of life. These have been collected and scavenged from litter-picking, charity shops, old hobbies and skips, to name but a few sources. They’ve been saved from the landfill process and have been recycled to reflect on the human attitude to excessive acquisition. It’s time we demand, produce and buy less new stuff. Especially plastic, which never dies.

An upcycled wooden box from a previous project holds the recycled contents of this black and white Salvage Square. It has been been compiled using odds and ends of paint which needed to be used, sand from the beach and a little non-toxic PVA and resin to finish them off. Nothing has been wasted in their creation. This is art for the heart.

This black and white Salvage Square measures 14 x 14 x 4 cm and includes shells, a stone and a beachcombed bird skull provided by Mother Nature, plastic toys, beads, a decorative resin flower (was possibly a tablecloth weight?) and a couple of pieces of white pottery, tumbled by the ocean. 10% of the price of this item will be donated to Friends of The Earth.


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