“Potential” earrings

These unique and quirky earrings are made from semi-precious stones, an almost-pair of hand-cast resin sea urchins and sterling silver. They are designed to complement each other but not exactly match. They can be worn as a pair or as statement individual pieces. The drop below the earwire is 2¾ inches (7cm). Resin is beautifully light and this pair of eye-catching earrings weigh just 10.24g between them (average 5.12g each).

The original sea urchins were found by myself when I lived on the Isle of Mull. After a very low tide, I discovered many tiny green urchins on the shore of Loch Scridain. The urchins combine a deep pink with metallic green and are beautifully complemented by the tourmaline beads.

Tourmaline balances the right-left sides of the brain helping to reduce fear, calm emotions, reduce anxiety and improves focus, encouraging you to move towards the direction you need to go in. Strength and self-confidence will result in inspiration, tolerance, compassion and prosperity. These gems can help you grow into your higher self as its energies push your mind to follow your heart and your desires.

These earrings come in a gift box with the descriptive enclosure photographed which tells the new owner of this unique jewellery all about its qualities. A complementary polishing cloth is also included.


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