“Positive Changes Are Coming” set

This unique OOAK necklace is made from semi-precious stones, a hand-cast resin ammonite piece, AAA Czech glass beads and sterling silver. It is designed to sit around the collarbone to do justice to the contents of the piece. It has three fully soldered sterling silver jump rings connected by sterling silver and Czech glass bead extenders, providing a range of lengths from 14½ to 17½ inches (37 to 44½ cm). The last jump ring is finished with a gemstone bead.

The centrepiece of this necklace is a unique resin cast of a piece of ammonite. The original piece was found on the North Yorkshire coast. Given its shape, it’s probably no surprise that ammonites are symbols of change and positive motion. The spiral draws in negative energy, filtering it through the chambers and releasing fresh, positive energy. They are believed to channel ancient knowledge and are associated with the third eye chakra, which provides perception beyond actual sight.

The bluey-green ammonite piece is complemented by the following gemstones: aventurine, chrysocolla and (green) moss agate. These gemstones can protect against emotional duress, provide a positive outlook, a calm attitude and inner strength during times of turbulence. They encourage wisdom, tolerance and the ability to reach a compromise so can be really helpful to resolve stressful problems.

There’s gentle healing here as well as trust, hope, strength and unconditional love. Allow these stones to refresh your soul and see the beauty in everything around you.

Just as the ammonite symbolises change and motion, these particular gemstones suggest an end to stagnation and new beginnings. Your communication skills and those of self-expression may be supercharged and everything points towards improvements in friendships and relationships.

The necklace comes in a stylish gift box with a pair of sterling silver, AAA Czech glass and moss agate carved bead earrings. The description, photographed, is enclosed and this tells the new owner of this unique jewellery all about its qualities. A complementary polishing cloth is also included.


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