“Orgone Pyramid” multi gemstone mix

This unique orgone (orgonite) pyramid has been hand-made using a 5 cm x 5 cm mould (2 x 2 inches). The resin stands around 6½ cm high (2½ inches) and the pyramid is a little taller as this one-off design includes four small stainless steel ball feet on the base which allow for greater flow of energy.

“Orgone energy” is a phrase coined by Dr Wilhelm Reich in the early 1900s and is related to the concept that everything contains energy, chi or a vital force. Simple orgone pyramids are a combination of resin and metal which work by moving energy around, removing negative energy and amplifying positive energy. “Orgonite” refers to a mixture of resin, metal, quartz and other gemstones which is believed to clean energies in a room and protect individuals from environmental pollutants such as EMFs. Orgonite can be made in any shape but pyramids are popular as they are believed to enhance the positive qualities of the contents.

In addition to the little metal feet, this resin pyramid is packed with a mix of gemstone chips and more stainless steel ball bearings. This combination makes it a pleasing and substantial weight. There’s positive energy for every aspect of life in this mix with colours relating to all the chakras. From the base up there are dark gems for bravery and protection, red/orange stones to increase confidence, yellows such as citrine to banish negativity and enable success, greens to help release old trauma and instigate change, blues for peace and harmony, purples such as amethyst for gentle healing and white/clear like quartz to amplify these energies.

The pyramid will arrive in a printed black linen-mix gift bag and will include the descriptive enclosure (photographed) which tells the new owner of this unique amulet all about its qualities.

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