“From Sorrowful To Spiritual” necklace

This beautiful necklace is made from semi-precious stones, a hand-cast geometric resin heart, some superior quality Czech glass rondelle beads and sterling silver. It is designed to sit around the collarbone to do justice to the unique contents of the piece. It has a sterling silver extender chain, finished with a gemstone bead, and measures from 16¼ to 19 inches (41½ to 48 cm).

The centrepiece is a fabulous double-sided geometric resin heart which has been recycled using resin chips from previous projects. Under other circumstances these pieces would have ended up in landfill making this heart an environmentally friendly option. The reverse features an irregular ink-droplet pattern, reminiscent of swirling seas, and it can be worn either way around. The recycled resin heart is complemented by the following gemstones: agate, apatite, chrysoprase, jasper, sodalite, turquoise and variscite. If you’re going through some challenging upheavals at the moment, the combination of stones in this jewellery may be beneficial to you.

These gems can help to dispel negative energy and encourage you to accept changes. They’re particularly useful if you feel despairing or have lost hope for the future. They have the ability to ease sorrow, depression, apathy, exhaustion, panic attacks, mood swings and even anger. They can calm the brain by relieving stress and anxiety, balancing emotions, and perhaps even help to fix a broken heart. If you’re feeling closed off from others, or   misunderstood, the energies here can assist you to more clearly articulate thoughts and feelings thus healing any breaches in communication. You might find you have improved intellect and logic, can achieve deeper meditation, experience lucid dreaming and have increased clairvoyant tendencies or psychic visions. Your empathy and compassion will increase and you may develop a desire to work in a more humanitarian way.

This necklace contains a variety of polished, faceted and matt gemstones to provide a pleasing mixture of textures. It comes in a gift box with the descriptive enclosure photographed which tells the new owner of this unique jewellery all about its qualities. A complementary polishing cloth is also included.


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