“Focus On Life’s True Path” necklace

This unique and unusual necklace is made from semi-precious stones, a hand-cast resin sea urchin, some superior quality Czech glass rondelle beads and sterling silver. It is designed to sit around the collarbone to do justice to the unique contents of the piece. It has a sterling silver extender chain, finished with a gemstone bead, and measures from 16¼ to 18½ inches (41 to 47 cm).

The centrepiece is a lovely resin sea urchin test. The original was found by myself when I lived on the Isle of Mull. After a very low tide, I discovered many tiny green urchins on the shore of Loch Scridain. The two-tone grey resin urchin is complemented by the following gemstones: black onyx, haematite, labradorite, larvikite, moonstone and netstone.

The qualities of these stones include grounding, protection, intuition and femininity. They can help to neutralise anxiety, depression, fears, grief and insecurities. You’ll be better able to understand and resolve old emotional issues and patience and wisdom will come more easily to you. Gentle healing may be achieved by these gems’ nurturing and calming properties. They can help you to see through illusions and burn away worthless desires ultimately assisting you to find your true path in life. With your new found willpower, courage and strength you’ll be decisive and able to take positive action whilst maintaining self-control. This will lead to a feeling of tranquility and wholeness as you embrace your authenticity.

This necklace contains a variety of polished, faceted and rough-cut stones to provide a pleasing mixture of textures. It comes in a gift box with the descriptive enclosure photographed which tells the new owner of this unique jewellery all about its qualities. A complementary polishing cloth is also included.


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