“Find Your Way” earrings

Unique and stunning gemstone and seaglass earrings.

These OOAK earrings are made from semi-precious stones, a couple of pieces of drilled seaglass and sterling silver. The drop below the earwire is just under 2 inches (5cm). This design which incorporates a sterling silver whale tail charm, tiny gems and nuggets of naturally sea washed glass means these earrings weigh 9.16g between them (average 4.58g each).

I found these pieces of seaglass on a little beach in Lerwick, on the Shetland Islands, during the summer of 2021 when we were staying with old family friends. The history of this glass is a secret kept by the sea, but it can take up to 200 years for old pieces to return to the land. Seaglass is regarded as a symbol of healing and renewal. Whales are symbolic of the free use of creativity. The seaglass and charms in these earrings have been combined with the following gemstones:

Freshwater pearls, agate, iolite, labradorite and moonstone.

These stones can help you trust your instincts and develop inner strength and courage. They can help banish fears and insecurities, replacing these feelings with self-confidence, peace and tranquility. Perhaps you need to solve a problem or need help to determine the actual form of dreams and goals. These gentle, feminine stones can provide guidance and hope during difficult times and can help you focus your attention to find your true path in life.

These earrings come in a gift box that includes the descriptive enclosure (photographed) which tells the new owner of this one-off jewellery all about its qualities. A complementary polishing cloth is also included.


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