“Corvid Skull” amulet – rhodonite

This corvid skull has been hand-made from my own mould which was cast from a replica skull. It is 6 cm in length (just under 2½ inches). The eye sockets have been set with gemstones creating – quite literally – beady eyes.

This deep pink resin skull contains a little subtle mica powder and has rhodonite bead eyes. Corvid or raven symbolism encourages you to stop being “small” and to own your power. Stop pretending you’re not gifted! Accept your gifts and use them to make your life, and those of others, a better place. Rhodonite brings calm and decreases stress in upsetting situations. It is said to heal emotional shock and panic by clearing emotional wounds and scars. It will stimulate, clear and activate the heart chakra, instigating self-love and forgiveness with compassion, for self or others. It boosts self-confidence and can alleviate self-destruction behaviours.

The skull will arrive in a printed black linen-mix gift bag and will include the descriptive enclosure (photographed) which tells the new owner of this unique amulet all about its qualities.


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