“Beachcomber” necklace – haematite multi

Curated collection of beachcombed treasures.

Gathered from various locations in the North East of England including Seaham, Whitby and Saltburn-By-The-Sea. I have gathered eye-catching pieces of glass, pebbles, manmade tiles and other oddments from these beaches and combined them with a gemstone and silver beads, onto a snake chain, to make a unique item of jewellery.

This 18” (46cm) 925 sterling silver snake chain contains five pieces plus a gemstone bead, separated by small sterling silver doughnuts. The items have been carefully drilled, using increasing diameters of drill bits, ensuring they slip snugly onto the chain. This is a labour intensive, not to mention messy, process as it needs to be done underwater.

In this necklace you’ll find a piece of genuine Whitby jet, three pebbles – one of which is a quartz, a piece of seaglass and, finally, to complement these colours, a haematite bead.

Haematite is “a stone for the mind”.

It is a gemstone of protection, grounding and calming, burning away worthless desires and allowing one to hone in on realistic pursuits. It is perfect for anyone with a wild and free spirit who desires a little more focus in life.

You may notice the seaglass and other pieces have been gently polished with a little coconut oil which protects it and enhances its appearance. As and when this soaks in and/or rubs off you can either retain the matt finish or rub in a little more oil of some kind.

The necklace comes boxed as shown and a complementary polishing cloth is also included.


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