Aquamarine tumblestone

Randomly chosen single tumblestone of polished aquamarine. Most pieces weigh between 5g and 10g and one of the images shows a UK 5p piece for size comparison. Ideal as an amulet, talisman or good luck token.

The name aquamarine comes from the Latin “aqua marinus” meaning “water of the sea”. A member of the beryl family, it includes any beryl from light green to pale blue. It used to be thought aquamarines washed ashore after being swept from the treasure chests of sea sirens who were able to lure hapless sailors to their deaths so sailors, and travellers of the seas, wore this gem as an amulet of protection and fearlessness, to bring them good luck and safe passage. It is still used today to protect those who travel by water. Aquamarine is also a stone of communication, meditation, negotiation and quiet courage.

The price is for one tumblestone, sourced from a trusted supplier. You also receive a wee bit of information about your aquamarine stone, as shown in the photo.


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