The wondrous emblem of seasorceress, the ancient ammonite… or perhaps it’s a nifty nautilus?! Whichever you prefer, these delightfully cuddly creatures are cleverly crafted critters, created in crochet. They all have ribbed shells and each individual ammonite has a variety of twirly arms and/or tentacles. These guys have shells of around 13 x 14cm across (5 x 5½ inches) – the tentacles are extra – and they’re pleasingly plump.

These ammonites have been created by guest designer “The Wool Witch” who lives and works in Whitby. She’s quite a secretive creature and only the privileged few have ever seen her work her magic or been gifted with her wondrous woolly works of art.

When ammonites hunted the seas, many years ago, they were vicious predators, ranging up to nine feet across! It is said they were fearless and would tease any dinosaur that waded into the sea for a swim. As you can see from one of the photos, they’re still lairy and, despite having no opposable thumbs, are surprisingly good at emptying miniature bottles of alcohol. Dark rum is their favourite.

Each individual ammonite is named. Please decide which one is the least terrifying and make a note with your order.


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