Very Peri – Pantone’s “Colour of the Year 2022”

13.01.22 Pantone has announced the 2022 colour of the year and it’s a shade they have created, a periwinkle (lavender blue) called “Very Peri”.

It is, states Pantone, a colour that symbolises “a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity”, a blue with violet-red undertones which is “happiest and warmest of all the blue hues.” If there’s something the world needs right now, it’s happiness and warmth, right? Perfect.

So where does periwinkle occur in nature? The eponymous flower is an obvious choice. Gemstones are a little harder to match exactly (especially for me, being colourblind!). The closest colour gems, that I see, are charoite, tanzanite, some shades of lepidolite, amethyst and iolite. These blue and/or purplish stones relate to the third eye chakra which are associated with intuition and inner vision. It’s also the literal place of one’s mind. These stones are all said to help calm the mind and bring harmony and tranquility to one’s life.

Tanzanite is good for slowing down the mind and improving concentration. It can reduce workaholic tendencies and balance out the extremes of someone’s personality. Likewise, amethyst is said to be good for obsessive behaviours and addictions. It’s sometimes referred to as “the sobriety stone” for this reason and is also said to be good for legal and money issues, eases grief and provides gentle healing.

Iolite is a little dark to be considered a periwinkle-type colour but is a warm deeper shade of blue. It aids self-awareness and can help the wearer or owner trust their instincts, encouraging strength and courage.

Lepidolite, which can range from pink to a lilac-grey colour, actually contains lithium so is especially helpful to treat depression, anxiety and mood swings. It is said to help with grief or loss and assists in dissolving the pain of deeply felt wounds. It can help the wearer to find the peace and calm in the centre of a storm, giving confidence and a sense of purpose. Charoite’s main quality is to provide the strength to keep going through hardship and can help users/wearers to detoxify from the effects of shock or extreme emotions.

So that’s “veri peri”, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022. If you are tempted to bring some happiness and warmth into your life, then check out related jewellery items HERE.