March Birthstones

01.03.22 Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, its name coming from the Latin “aqua marinus” meaning “water of the sea”. Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family and incorporates any beryl that is pale blue, light blue-green, or even light green. It can be clear but its iron content gives it a blue and/or green hue… to be called “aquamarine” the green must remain a blueish green. If it is very yellowy then it is classed as heliodor. In the past green aquamarine was considered the most desirable, the trend now is for blue, as dark as a rich sky blue, and this demand means most readily available aquamarine has been heat treated to enhance this colour. Heat intensifies the blue and causes green or yellow tones to recede.

Aquamarine might look clear, or blue, or green. Seeing a varied collection of these stones really does look like water and it might remind you of a favourite lake, river or ocean. No wonder this pretty stone has a such a strong association with the sea.

In ancient Greek mythology it was thought aquamarines washed ashore after being swept from the treasure chests of mermaids or sea sirens, the latter whom was feared for their abilities to lure hapless sailors to their death. It follows that sailors, and travellers of the seas, wore aquamarine as an amulet of protection and fearlessness, to bring them good luck and safe passage on their journeys. Examples of this stone’s nautical history have appeared in jewellery for many years. For example, Tiffany & Co produced a beautiful gold ring in 1893 which featured an exquisitely cut aquamarine, carved with symbols of a compass and ship’s bell, sitting in a bezel resting on the shoulders of two mermaids. And it is still valued today as a symbol of protection for those who travel over or near the water.

Aquamarine, being blue and resonating with the throat chakra, is also a stone of communication, meditation and of justice, facilitating compromise and negotiation. It is believed that this stone provides the wearer with an increased ability to think clearly and make quick decisions. It is considered a valuable resource for people who are habitual procrastinators, bringing motivation and comfort during times of intense physical and emotional distress. It is also said to provide quiet courage in confrontational situations.

Aquamarine is also associated with the third eye chakra and is a useful stone for mediation and encouraging spiritual and psychic awareness. It is said to enable the wearer/user to more easily recognise their true, spiritual and higher self, bringing perspective and purification, healing deeply on a soul level. If you’re aware of self-sabotaging behaviours, and feel ready to make some positive changes, this could be a good stone to add to your collection, as it can make you more connected to an inner tranquility. Perhaps this is why aquamarine is also considered a stone of happiness.

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